Visual impact, bursting with colour and recognizable but reconstructed forms. A new world with a very simple mixture of joyfulness and irony. This is the work of Berlin studio Zebu Design, who have a very clear approach: humour, clarity, surprise and originality.

The projects must contain unexpected ideas, representing a new challenge, that convey a very clear message. “It’s very exciting to discover your ideas becoming something tangible and meaningful after hours of sketches and experimenting. It is a very pleasing sensation to see your ideas flow off the page.

I think that’s the best part of our work,” says one of the two members of the German team. For each new job, they already have a portfolio of clients who support their efforts, and their creations span all kinds of formats and finishes.

In process work.

From their pencils, brushes and markers come spectacular murals, graphics and stationery, posters and commissions for night clubs and businesses, with a visual language full of wit, brilliance, boldness and fun. “That’s our studio’s most recognizable hallmark,” they say.

“Over the course of our evolution, muralism occupies a very important place; that is a basic building block for us.”.

“We love to experiment with different materials and techniques, especially to surprise ourselves. Over the past few years, fanzines and small format printing have made up the bulk of our creation; we have also worked on a number of original pieces finished with acrylic paints, but over the course of our evolution, muralism occupies a very important place. That is a basic building block for us. It’s better than just creating by locking ourselves up in the studio. With these murals, we find it easier to stay in touch with the reality of everyday life,” they say.

Mural works at offices.

There is a part of them that dislikes the tempestuous environment behind the business, and the paperwork that is the hidden reality for most artists and creative types. “The truth is that it’s very tiring devoting so much time to paperwork, but we understand that that’s the way things are. The key is in knowing how to combine them and find the right balance between this aspect and the creative work, especially when you’re trying to ensure your creative effort is different all the time,” they say from their studio.

And how is it dividing the work between two? “It’s very simple. We think up ideas together, make sketches together on paper, and it develops from there. The good thing about being a duo is that we are two brains working together with a common purpose and very precise ideas,” they say.

Uncomplicated works inspired by Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Hans Ticha and Willy Baumeister, but also nourished by unknown folk artists who they discover on walks, visits, travels or thanks to comments from friends. In any case, Zebu Designs offers a new path to creation with a personal, recognizable brand that makes them unique.

Limit edition screenprints.

Colaboration with textil firm ZucZug.

Club Ritter Butzke work, in Berlin.

Photos: ZebuDesigns.

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