A mere three decades have gone by since Joseph Guerra and Sina Sohrab, directors of the industrial design studio Visibility, situated in Brooklyn, New York, decided to get together and try their luck in the world of design.

We love designing and spending our time doing this. And we don’t have a problem whenever it comes to making any piece of work.

Even back then they had very clear ideas about how to position themselves in the market. Their work needed to be exclusively about creating simple, functional objects. What’s more, the pieces had to be made of inexpensive materials and the designs had no reason to fit into a collective design aesthetic. They knew that whatever they designed had to offer something that other, similar products on the market did not have. This approach has inspired them to constantly explore the market, seeking to give each design a new twist that will make it stand out.

They have an added advantage in their favour: they want to live off their work, and they enjoy what they do.

We’ll give anything a go, and there’s no difference for us between making a chair or a lamp. All we want to do is make beautiful things that are useful

This approach has given rise to various designs, from the fantastic laser-cut polypropylene briefcase ‘Oaxaca’, which has been transformed from a luxury item into a practical mass-produced document holder, to the revolutionary broom ‘Suna’, with its pivoting head that increases usability.

Their first collection includes a simple wooden stepladder, a poolside chair, a shelving system, a collection of kitchen utensils and an unusual hand mirror.


Silla de piscine

Poolside chair

Escalera y taburete

Stepladder and stool

Espejos Utility

Utility Mirrors

Colección de cocina Ridge

Ridge kitchen

Maletín Oaxaca y Perchero Plus Coat

Oaxaca case and Plus Coat stand

Estanterías Linework

Linework system

<em>Suna</em> Broom

Suna Broom

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