With a finish reminds the small incisions of a gouge on a wooden surface, or the slabs of primitive tools, the Israeli expert ceramist and designer, Michal Fargo, chooses less common materials and textures to achieve different results on containers with ancestral reminiscences.This piece is from his Flasks collection.

Photo: Sylvain Deleu

Paola Paronetto


Though their appearance perfectly imitates the texture and roughness of corrugated cardboard, the Cartocci collection by Paola Paronetto is actually made of perfectly treated ceramic, creating vases of different sizes that can be used as containers or flower vases. The forms resemble models made of paper and are available in a wide range of colours. They are completely handmade and each piece is unique.


Drawing clear inspiration from buildings, Catalan ceramist Romina Gris uses the architecture of Barcelona to create decorative objects. Strong graphics and art deco references make these compact and compelling pieces.

Andreas Engesvik


In this bronze work, created for Vigelands Park in the city of Oslo, Swedish designer Andreas Engesvik wanted to convey the relationship between organic elements and manmade pieces. A symbiosis that seeks to complement both facets.

Photo: Siren Lauvdal


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