Simone Post


Dutch designer Simone Post is always enthusiastically in search of new challenges to discover how materials behave in new situations. The result of this exploration is a collaborating with the textile firm Vlisco and the project Post-Vlisco, a new approach to carpets made with recycled materials.

Foto: Arjen Born.

MesVilar_Andreu carulla


This fascinating project, named Niu Lamps, merges new technologies and artisanal work. It comprises a group of three house-shaped lamps, on which sit various types of tropical birds. The birds were individually hand-painted by craftsmen in Conakry, Guinea.



Artist and designer Joshua Vogel is a renowned sculptor, who applies contemporary lines to his wooden pieces to create more utilitarian-style objects. From this symbiosis he has created spoons, wooden boards, and even furniture, in which he invests all the time that each handmade piece requires. That is why each of his pieces are unique and unrepeatable.

Maud Vantours


 Known for her excellent attention to detail and finishes, the work of paper creator Maud Vantours faithfully recreates all kinds of objects to give them a new life. In this case, her collaboration with champagne makers Moët Hennessey for a space at CDG Airport in Paris brings together the worlds of gastronomy and luxury.

Foto: Charlotte Ortholary


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