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Designer Alexander de Vol investigates the properties of materials to achieve unique forms. His collection of vases or containers, in different finishes, are the result of meticulous work in which he translates the appearance and characteristics of wood to other materials – in this case, to metal.

Anna Wales


This handmade piece of jewellery in coloured silver represents the feminine essence of this British designer. Each of her tiny pieces represent elongated shapes, such as this necklace which uses an old Korean technique to fuse gold with silver texture and create smooth gradients.

Kristina Kjaer


This chair, using simple lines, articulates its forms complementing the traditional and the familiar, in the face of the modern and surprising. Made of ash wood, it features a reversible upholstery that functions as a kind of sweater, which can also be used as a blanket. It is the work of Danish designer Kristina Kjaer.

Photo: Ditte Chemnitz



An expert in the behaviour of glass and in ensuring that this material offers the full scope of its luminous properties, John Hogan has created this lamp of apparent lightness. The blend of metal, wood and glass in the designs make this model truly contemporary, despite drawing from classical sources.

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