Gestalten Pavilion

As an exhibition place and a shop, the store which opened in April 2014 also houses a café and is located in Bikini Berlin, one of the most important cultural centers in the city of Berlin. In this large space one can find a large number of articles, books and objects that will catch your attention. From carefully merchandised handmade design pieces, up to ideas and proposals from new emerging artists that populate the German. The store also sells small items of understated luxury and a whole library full of the most interesting books in the world of design. To make the visit even more enjoyable, the store, a forefront in Berlin, has a coffee shop where one can also try local dishes.

Sophie-Gips-Höfe 21. Sophienstraße Berlin


David and Marijke are the owners and guardians of this little shop in Amsterdam that aims to showcase the work behind many of the products they sell. For David and Marijke the history that lies behind each of the objects is as important as the object itself. And that is why this space has no place for everything that the market demands. They have decided to promote quality products with a certain level of exclusivity. They believe in people who sit behind these works and in the passion they bring to each of their works. Restores is, in their own words, a place to see and discover new ideas and stories. The store sells carefully selected tableware and ceramic pieces, exclusive lamps, designer jewelery, artwork and clothing from young local designers.

Haarlemmerdijk 39 Amsterdam.

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