How can the crafts of designer, sculptor, producer and craftsperson manifest themselves in a single context without any one of them eclipsing any other? Ted Lott is proof that all that is needed is to combine all these possibilities in one holistic occupation. For Lott, thinking and making are two sides of the same coin, and he diligently applies this theory in his work.

Basically, I’m an artist, a designer and a craftsperson who is very interested in objects and how they influence and reflect the human experience

His art, with the undoubtedly intriguing appearance of its final composition, walks the fine line between sculpture and artisanal work. Lott’s work, much of which is inspired by architectural composition, returns life to abandoned pieces of furniture to create a new object with new value.

The artist tells us, “basically, I’m an artist, a designer and a craftsperson who is very interested in objects and how they influence and reflect the human experience. For me, design is an influence and not an objective”.

His initial training was in sculpture, but as he discovered the materials and possibilities of carpentry, a new world opened up to him in which he could apply his knowledge of design and sculpture. “I see my work as being like a sculpture that integrates ideas of design applied to wood”, Lott explains.

In his art, he pays homage to the life he has lived and to things that have influenced him culturally since he was a child. The artist tells us, “my aesthetic looks to honour those objects and processes that form part of my work. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are very important to me.” The artist has recently begun to work with bronze and steel and has discovered new possibilities with these new materials. Lott says, “I am very interested in meeting people who are very different from me, to compare our ideas and start new projects together. Great things can come out of the clash of different ideas”.

All these concepts are the consequence of his time spent working in different universities across the country and from his personal history. Lott’s direct contact with the roots of his land has had a significant impact on his art. He is from the Midwest, where the farmers’ wooden constructions had an important role to play. The artist tells us, “these buildings transformed waste land into ideal land for agriculture. The roots of my work can be found there, too.”

Migration serie, from 2014

Migration serie, from 2014.

Ascension de 2014 y More de 2011

Ascension from 2014 y More from 2011.

Habitation #3 y Habitation #5, both from 2012.

Habitation #3 y Habitation #5, both from 2012.

Migration #1 from 2014

Migration #1 from 2014.

Attenuated Landscapes

Attenuated Landscapes.

Ted Lott in the studio

Ted Lott in the studio..

General view from the studio.

General view from the studio.


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