A total of 22 moulds, from more than 4500 possible models were needed for Marta and Imanol – Studio MAYICE- to create the collection of 13 RFC + lights. This is painstaking and extremely precise work that aims to be more than a tribute to a tradition that seems destined to become obsolete. The group of glass pieces, produced in the furnaces at La Granja Royal Glass Factory, has been made possible by recovering the age-old technique of cane blowing, which makes it possible to create larger pieces with very fine walls, in record time. “One of the worst moments was having to decide which moulds to use, checking their condition, and opting for the final chosen group of 13. There were many pieces that were not fit for use, many that had been left in terrible condition and others that were broken. It was a selection process and series of prior studies that we finally managed to complete successfully” states the studio.

The curve is the perfect line that defines their designs and the transparency of the glass is the ideal wrapping to achieve a unique optical effect that finds its optimum form of expression in the LED lighting created specifically for these models. “In addition to the lights we also designed the lighting system, because there was nothing on the market that properly met our needs”, outlines Marta.

The project, which was undertaken more than a year ago, stems from the interest of this pair of designers in investigating the behaviour of materials, glass in this case, and the creative possibilities they allow. On this occasion, it was a dialogue between tradition, technology and natural beauty.

“We have not ruled out continuing this experience and producing new models of lights. Everything will depend on how the public responds to such a special project. We could even attempt to work with coloured glass in a second collection. We will see how everything goes”, says Imanol.


Moulds from Rfc+ lamps collection

Rcf+ lamps lights efect

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