A resident of London for two years now, Marta Bordes is yet another young Spanish architect who has taken the step of leaving her country in order to grow professionally. The search for new opportunities took this Vigo native across the Channel after completing her studies in Madrid.

Bordes explains, “The frustration and irritation that come from living in a country with such an unstable job market were so bad that I was driven to take this step, and I didn’t look back. I love architecture, but to find work in Spain that pays you a decent salary was just too difficult. I just couldn’t carry on hoping for something interesting to turn up.”

After graduating from Central St Martins with a Masters in Product Design, Marta turned her dreams into something tangible with the creation of Elastic Lights. This project is a family of articulated ceramic lamps, each bound together by elastic bands that bring a great sense of movement and good design.

Now I am working as a business person. It wasn’t really my intention, but it’s what I need to do. I’m learning a lot about the whole thing

Bordes explains, “This is the final piece for my Masters, which I’ve been working on for a long time. I feel brings that it successfully brings movement to a material that essentially does not have any. I also wanted to create more of a connection between the user and the final product. These Elastic Lights lamps are objects that need to be touched, if not, they cannot be properly understood.”

Auto-production, something that all designers starting out must do, is actually a sustainable and viable way of creating certain objects. Marta knew this right from the start, and she has complete control over production of her pieces.

Marta tells us, “Handmade objects have now become very fashionable, which is an added bonus for me. The same thing is happening with quality. Somehow, people know that these products have a soul and that there is a person behind the item.”

The Elastic Lights range is on sale from the beginning of the year and the designer is managing the whole process herself, from the design, the moulds, the firing of each piece, the sales, the distribution…. “Now I am working as a business person. It wasn’t really my intention, but it’s what I need to do. I’m learning a lot about the whole thing”, she says with pride.




Colection lamps Elastic Lights

Model Flexo in grey

Detail of conctruction

Lamp model Satelite and detail

Lamp model Satelite / Lamp model Campana

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