The search for formulae and materials to create interesting furniture involves, in the majority of cases, adapting old suggestions to new situations. This is what the young Dutch designers Mandy Roo and Victoria Ledig have done with their collection called Softie Wanted, a project with the objective of decontextualising a material used for stuffing, such as polyurethane plastic foam.

Both creators focused on foam because they wanted to demonstrate that there are industrial materials that can be used for better purposes. “Foam was our first choice because it transmits the sensation of softness and creates a desire to touch and hug, something that we wanted to imprint on this collection. Each of these pieces is the result of making use of industrial cuts of discarded foam”, they ensure.

The collection also received support from everyone that discovered it at the Ventura Lambrate exhibition in the last edition of the Milan fair. The surprise that this generated among the attendees was unanimous and the public touched it to make sure that it was really furniture made of foam. “Since that time, we have been centred on locating a company or producer that will collaborate with us to convert these projects into something real. Someone that can help us to produce them”, comments Victoria Ledig.

The Softie Wanted collection, consisting of two mattresses, a footrest and a cover that can be used as a seat, has been the first collaboration between Mandy Roos and Victoria Ledig, two promising designers that develop their ideas in their respective studios.

“Happiness and emotions are determining factors in our design, especially in a digital culture with so much manipulation. In this work, we have turned to curves, textures and corporeality in order to evoke something beyond a perfect image”, the designers say.

Photos: Cleo Goossens

Softie Wanted furniture collection

Softie Wanted furniture collection

Detalle de la colección

Collection detail

Vista del acabado de los materiales

Materials finish view

Ejemplo de alfombra

Rug example

Vista en detalle de los materiales

Materials view detail

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