Traditional methods of furniture production in many Asian countries are losing out in an industry chasing greater profits. However, a new generation of designers are attempting to re-establish traditional techniques using plant fibres to create products with that extra touch to add value to their pieces. One such designer is Taiwanese Lin Ching-Ke, creative director at Gridesign Studio.

“The Bamboo Nest lamp was created using methods used by traditional local Taiwanese artisans to make furniture and objects designed to use in or decorate the home. In this process, in which you work with two separate bodies, you combine traditional dyed bamboo weaving through a random method, and then a spherical dried bamboo piece on top, in which glass frame mounts in various sizes are inserted, through which the light comes through,” says Lin Ching-Ke.

In creating this XL size standing lamp Lin seeks the same media impact as his previous work, the Bow Tie chair, a ground-breaking and incredibly light chair, which followed the same methods of traditional craftsmanship. Here, the piece sacrifices its functionality – it is essentially ornamental – to its striking biomorphic appearance and outsized proportions.

Bamboo Nest lamp

Materials detail

Bamboo Nest silhouette and detail

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