At first glance, the jewellery designs by young Chinese designer Song Wang seem to be objects transported from the near future. They are special objects, which not everyone may understand, created from various materials and in forms reminiscent of an architectural aesthetic translated to a more adaptive and comfortable scale. But the hidden message behind each of these pieces makes them works that reclaim social and emotional improvements for women.

Her most recent collection, entered into various jewellery competitions in Great Britain, named “Emotional Dialogue”, delves into the complex world of human relationships, connections between groups and the types of relationships that are established.

“I actually define my jewellery making as an art form, in which I combine the design concept of each piece with its material and its function”.

The designer, deeply influenced by Chinese society and its ancestral customs, wanted to convey through this collection the feelings experienced by women in her country of origin who are submitted to the social pressure to marry and become mothers before the age of 30. In this way, women who do not have the possibility of experiencing these feelings suffer negative pathologies such as anxiety and melancholy, which the body experiences through different sensations. These sensations are made visible through the bracelets and necklaces of the Emotional Dialogue line, thanks to changes in the colours and temperatures of the materials.

“I actually define my jewellery making as an art form, in which I combine the design concept of each piece with its material and its function. Emotional Dialogue is very much linked to human relations and to the links established between groups. I wanted to create a jewellery line that could be used to understand people’s states of mind and the problems – social, human and environmental – that they generate,” says Song Wang.

Parts of “Emotion Dialogue” collection.

The collection emphasizes in human relationships.


Song Wang defines herself as an extremely sensitive person, and she wants her pieces to become a kind of balm, both spiritual and sensory, for anyone to use. “Interaction, minimalism and versatility are the fundamental concepts behind my designs, and because of that I think that the people who know my work and buy my pieces feel very close to their language and to the message they convey. I think the minimalism of my work perfectly represents what I want to say, rather than more abstract pieces in which this message would be more difficult to transmit,” she says.

The pieces change color according to the mood.

Thanks to these parts, you can know how is the person wearing them.

Methacrylate and acrylic, materials for bracelets and bangles.


Song Wang had to experiment and investigate to discover which material would serve her purposes. It was important to find an interactive material that could serve as a catalyst to transmit those feelings that a person experiences. “I love all the research work behind each project, because it is a very exciting activity that allows me to learn about the qualities and characteristics of different materials that would be very difficult to determine otherwise. I always experience some degree of surprise at the results.

In “Emotional Dialogue” acrylic turned out to be the best possible choice, because its colour various depending on the body’s temperature caused by sensations. The durability of my designs is also very important. That’s why I’m going to work together with various scientists to ensure that my designs are more durable,” she says.

Parts of “Insecure” colección .

Although “Emotional Dialogue” is a product initially designed for women, given the message it contains, she also has pieces suitable for everyone, such as the “Insecure” collection, which is also designed for people who feel insecure when they have to deal with stressful situations and don’t know what to do with their hands. These objects can be worn on your hand or used as a brooch,” she says.

In any case, thanks to people like Song Wang, jewellery is experiencing an incredible moment in which it is used to convey emotion, as well as beauty.

Photos: Son Wang.

Ring from “Light Tracer” collection, the last work.

Brooch from the same collection “Light Tracer”.

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