In view of the many steps that are being taken in the world of creativity, and the evidence of the numerous artists who are becoming increasingly important and present in the world of ceramics, it is curious to note that this field, almost reserved for male manufacture, is becoming increasingly important in the female sphere.

In our country, though it is happening more slowly, there are also great creatives who embrace this discipline to enter the world of design. Romina Gris, a Catalan interior designer turned ceramist, is one of those who has managed to make a niche for herself with some very interesting pieces, notable for their architectural and geometric shapes and unique and special finishes. Her handcrafted work, with almost everything finished in stoneware, has gone from being a pleasant hobby which she enjoyed in her leisure time, to a small-scale business project.

Designer portrait.

The “Green Velvet” collection are five different vases.

“The brand has been growing by itself. I started working in ceramics for pleasure, as a hobby, and I saw that there was a good response to it, so I decided to go to a couple of fairs. In this way, little by little, the brand was consolidated,” says the designer. In the finish of her pieces, colour is an essential distinctive element, from the impactful strength of colours such as delicate pink or intense indigo blue, to the graphic strength of black and white. “I like to work with basic colours. Normally I have several shapes and I like to combine them with different colours, although the same design lines are repeated. For me, it’s a way of completing the job,” says.

The “Stripes” line, entirely handcrafted, is inspired by postmodern architecture, such as that of the American Michael Graves or the Italian Aldo Rossi.

Finished in enameled porcelain, “Patterns” carries 24 karat gold.

“Blue Velvet” uses forms such as the triangle and the ladder.

In terms of materials, Romina feels very safe working with stoneware, although she also produces porcelain objects. It is, in her words, “a more delicate material. Also, if you paint it with slip, you get more vivid colours. And the white you get with porcelain is also purer than with stoneware.”

I think that interior design gives me the sense of proportion and the overall vision to apply to my work”.

Best of all, as the designer assures us, creativity in the world of ceramics has taken a step further and is becoming more and more present in the field of design. “Until recently, this material was closely linked to craftsmanship. Now it has been reused for design and art with a more aesthetic purpose, not just functional.”

The vase “Big Tower” is a combination proposal that works like a children’s construction game.

And as is to be expected in the globalised world, the online world has also responded to this type of work. In fact, Romina is putting the finishing touches to her own store, a place where commissions and custom pieces can find a new market.

Sketches, choice of colors, material behavior, tests and lathe work ……

Photos: Romina Gris Studio

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