It is not always easy for a design process to contain a clear message, and sometimes nor are there the necessary resources for this process to be clear. However, in the case of the German-Iranian designer Siba Sahabi, her message is apparent from the outset. The mix of cultures, Iranian and German, that she has been imbued with since childhood, is clearly evident in her work. As such, her felt jars clearly show her culture rich influences that seek inspiration from history to salvage shapes and forms from other civilizations.

Her passion for handmade work and the imperfections inherent to these types of objects, is aconstant factor she alludes to when explaining her work. Every new project she undertakes is based around these same values.

Her different collections, each with names that recall her oriental originals (Mudejar, Tarab, Qaina,Sherazade…) portray her concerns and appeal to the world to make culture a part of everyone’s heritage.

“I am a designer who plays with material and work whilst always bearing in mind my cultural baggage. I love handmade work and I want to discover and experiment with all different kinds of tools”.

She is known as a poetic designer for the harmony present in her work and because she describes herself as a lover of stories and legends, uniting the East and West. “These tales and stories are always the basis for my projects. Additionally, when I work with my hands I enter a meditative state where time passes more slowly. It is a real personal experience”.

Despite the fact that her work is extremely personal, Siba has worked with well-known brands such as Rosenthan and Pols Potten. At her Amsterdam studio, she gives free reign to her creativity using glass, paper or felt and anybody who sees her through any of her pieces will not be left indifferent.

Photos: Lisa Kapple/ Annemarijne Bax / Reneé Friking



Between two rivers collection


Sherezade lamp


Mudejar room divider.

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