Two cylinders of different diameters comprise this refined ceramic container, making it possible to display a bunch or flowers or a single flower. This is an idea from Gilli Kuchik and Ran Anitai for Bakery Studio.



The “Pi-no-pi-no” vase offers a new form for how the perfect container for holding flowers should be. Its uniqueness resides in the fact that it works as a puzzle that pieces are added to and which acquires colour and texture depending of its use. Its pieces are made from wood, glass and metal. It was created by Maija Puoskari.

Photo: Riikka Kantinkoski /A-lehdet Ikko Alaska Kinnunen


The name of this piece, “Olfattorio”, conceals the work of the Italian designer and architect Cristina Celestino and the wisdom of old perfumers who hid the essences of their perfumes in similar containers. Created from borosilicate glass, the spherical shapes of these convoluted vases lock in the perfume of the flowers kept within. They are by the company Attico.

Photo: Mattia Balsamini



Materials such as aluminium and glass are put together in order to create a composite piece. The piece has a bottom transparent container where the light metallic structure is inserted in order to support the stems and flowers. It was created by Alexander Lervik for Tinges and is called “Trädkrona”.

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