Trchichold is a shelving system designed by Adriann Tas, following the principles of designs for this type of furniture: simplicity, practicality and functionality. The shelving system can be used as storage space, incorporating shelves that include hinged doors and drawers and shelves at different levels. Configurable according to the buyer’s needs, Tschichold allows variety in the position of the pieces without making major structural changes – the person assembling the unit has the chance to define its arrangement and placement. Made of wood and steel, perfect for keeping it all in order.



Made entirely out of wood (like the rest of his production), Toronto based designer Cameron MacLean produces small and simple wood pieces that aim to provide solutions to everyday needs. Its products, hundred per cent handmade, represent the survival of a type of work that was endangered and which, as other artisans, he seeks to recover from oblivion. Minimalism of shapes and practicality are characteristic features of his work.


The products of the small British study Tanti advocate for environmental sustainability and its founders produce furniture and accessory exclusively to ensure that maximum respect for the environment is maintained. Innovation is one of its main characteristics and they purposely distance themselves from aggressive systems of exploitation of natural resources that will eventually wipe them out completely. Chairs, bowls, tables, kitchen utensils, all done under controlled woods.



This container, made of birch plywood with a primer varnish or lacquer, can be found in two or five different modules, with doors and holes that function as shelves. Its uniqueness lies in its rear, which side cuts and irregular polygonal shape, let it rest on the floor and adapts to the baseboard. Moreover, given its structure, it can be hung on the wall, making it a completely free piece. A piece by EspacioBrut.

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