Polish studio Kosmos Project signs this rugfrom their collection Collective Unconscious.
A commitment to reflect in some of heir works the ancestraL
traditions of their country.
Its creators, Ewa Bochen and Maciel Jelski, look for the cohesion of harmony
and chaos in each of their pieces.

Kilim carpet1_Kosmos Project Ewa Bochen


The model Constantinopla from the Kilombo brand plays with the colour schemeof
two contrasting tones, achieving the optical effect of powerful luminosity.
The particular quality of the brand is that it allows you to
personalise the model from a large display.


Every piece that makes up the catalogue of their Argentinean Pampa rugs
is unique and one-of-a-kind.
As well as being made entirely by hand by local
indigenous experts, these same weavers colour them using dyes obtained from plants,
and design them following the patterns of old traditions.

VIBRANT_de pamapa collection


Restless and a prolific producer, designer Roosmarijn Pallandt
creates tapestries and rugs, like this model Flora,
through aerial hotos of the territory in which the artisans
who weave them live.
The hills, rivers and plantations that surround
them move to her woollen version.

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