A simple design with clear lines and no obvious pretensions can become a piece whose presence manages to convey a forcefulness that works. These pure and striking lines are the parameters within which Octavio Asensio’s work rightly operates. This young designer is committed, as part of all his work but especially his chairs, to offering a product that has practical functions while also conveying his passion for this creative activity. One important factor that contributes to this is the level of control he has over his work, an activity that is best balanced within the self-production of some of his pieces.

Seats models “MX2” y “MX1”.

“In all my projects, I aim to give the same importance to the usability of the product as to its visual appearance; in fact, I think it is a mistake to separate these two functions. I try to convey this in the final design of each product I work on. What I really manage to express with each one of them is that I’m passionate.” It is products such as the Torii stool or the MX1 and MX2 chairs where this holistic approach can truly be appreciated. When you add to these designs a material such as wood, we get a better understanding of this passion. “Wood brings warmth and raw personality, and it also allows for an infinite number of finishes. The word ‘wood’ barely encompasses the full universe of possibilities it contains, from how easy it is to work with to its great features that age beautifully.”

 “The word ‘wood’ barely encompasses the full universe of possibilities it contains”

His Torii stool is the perfect piece to demonstrate the qualities that Octavio strives for. From exceptionally clear lines and a minimalist appearance that makes a clear reference to the purest Japanese design, the wood manages to incorporate that extra touch of personality with its twin pieces and soft contours. “This is the result of designing a seat with two points of support, paying attention to the stability. My influences for this project stem more from rationalism and massive architecture than from the world of Japan. The increase in sections, the minimal number of pieces and how the joins between them are resolved without hardware, making Torii a product which embodies these ideas.”

Stool “Torii” finished in wood and with black patina. 2017

A denuded design without distractions – this is how Octavio characterises his finishes in wood; prototypes in an almost pure state, both in their natural version as well as in a matt black finish. It should be noted that many of his creations or prototypes are completely handmade, that little extra touch of quality which people really appreciate. “Quality in the details is very important. There is a way of conveying values that machines can rarely achieve – qualities that give the product personality and soul. This is why people are willing to pay more, because they understand the increase in value and that the piece has a greater value due to the design and the process, rather than just the material itself and its function. It is also important to educate customers in the consumption of design and products, all of which leads us to be more responsible.”

“I work with the sensations that a product conveys, trying to be as free as possible in the decision-making”

Without a doubt, what Octavio most appreciates about his work is his freedom of action, an option which, for the time being, allows him to be open to all kinds of publics without focusing his production towards a particular path. “I work with the sensations that a product conveys, trying to be as free as possible in the decision-making. That is why one project can be very different from another in terms of their recipients.”
And what of the future? Above all, he has great expectations, as he is beginning to take on his first collaborations with large companies in the sector. “The path is set, all that remains is to walk down it and enjoy.”

Wooden table model “DO table” with interchangeable envelope.

Stool “Torii” in natural wood finish.

The designer with two of their seats.

Photos: Octavio Asensio


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