Starting out is always tough, or so say the great designers once they have progressed from being merely ‘promising designers’ and the big producers are squabbling over their work.
Only a few, as the years go by, remember with fondness those intense years of perseverance, when they believed in their product and fought for their projects tooth and nail. This is where the members of the studio Fournier&Endrizzi are at: two hopefuls who met in Mendoza, Argentina, and are now presenting their latest piece: the Tipi table.

“When we decided to form a partnership and join forces to begin working together, we knew we had to create and offer something original, practical and attractive. Tipi emerged from many sketches, material tests and headaches”

The outcome is a refined side table made from various materials which can be transported from one part of the home to another thanks to a practical handle.
“It is the result of a huge amount of experimentation to see how these materials worked together. The legs are metal, as is the handle, and then the top is wood, stone or ceramic. All three finishes are possible. It just depends on the customer”, the designer says.

The name Tipi is no coincidence: the two designers decided on this native American term because the table bears similarities with these simple and solid structures. The table can also be used outside.

Tipi table in Wood and marble

Tipi table elements

Assembly table

Ended on of the table

Handle for transport/caption]

Tipi/Pieces from Tipi table

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