Since its creation in 2017, the Émile Hermès Prize has looked for young design talents and supported the promotion of their work. Its approach runs parallel to the development of our society and lifestyle.

“Oracle” de Valentín Adam y Maxime Loiseau

“Oracle” by Valentín Adam and Maxime Loiseau

“Dorémix” de Benjamin Charles y Simón Joyau

“Dorémix” by Benjamin Charles and Simón Joyau

“Your Shelter” de Chmara y Ania Rosinke

“Your Shelter” by Chmara and Ania Rosinke

 “Clico” de C.Courlivant, R. Dumesny y L. De Carné

“Clico” by C.Courlivant, R. Dumesny and L. De Carné

“Snail Racing” de Guillaume Darjanou

“Snail Racing” by Guillaume Darjanoug

For the fourth edition of this award, the Hermès Foundation company has selected a theme that puts a special emphasis on an activity that is simultaneously specific and universal, a fertile action for the senses and spirit: play

“Interactive Wallpape” de Alexandre Echasseriau

“Interactive Wallpape” by Alexandre Echasseriau

“We do not play at the table” de Joeva Gaubin

“We do not play at the table” by Joeva Gaubin

“Talu” de Victoria Gravelier

“Talu” by Victoria Gravelier

“Trikado” de G.G.Morel y F. Bourgeois

“Trikado” by G.G.Morel y F. Bourgeois

It is crucial to understanding and developing imagination and experiencing social pleasures, but the real stand out quality of this activity is its rich capacity to provide moments of happiness. Play forms part of the life and growth of humans, of their environment and times, and it inexorably becomes a crucial part of social and personal self-esteem.

“Wearwmb” de Mathieu Lang

“Wearwmb” by Mathieu Lang

“Demi-jour” de L.Pereyre y C. Pondard

“Demi-jour” by L.Pereyre y C. Pondard

“Vibrato” de Jean-Simon Roch

“Vibrato” by Jean-Simon Roch

Following the competition announcement launched in 2015, the jury selected 12 finalists and got them to create a prototype of their project by the end of March 2016. On 4 May, the jury, including its president, the designer Matali Crasset, Chantal Hamaide, editor of the magazine Intramuros and Pascale Mussard, vice president of the Hermès Foundation, met to select the three finalists and the winners will be announced on 1 June. Running alongside the competition, to mark the celebration of the Design Fair taking place in the French capital between 30 May and 6 June, the 12 prototypes submitted will be on display at the Commines Space.
PHOTOS: Fondation d´entreprise Hermès/Julie Coustarot/Mario Simon/Zoé Aubry.

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