Considered to be one of the most important textile designers and interior architects of the 20th century, Alexander Girard will go down in design history as a genius of fabric design and illustration. His unique way of conceiving design and colour in his pieces means that his work is spectacular and unique. Nobody has managed like he has to, among his other virtues, turn the iconic word “Love” into a display of passion on canvas.

Miller Cottage, Muskoka, Ontario


An inveterate traveller, he searched the world for new forms and graphics, and his travels helped him to recreate interior and graphic design ideas filled with rich and refined references.

The son of a cosmopolitan family with European and American roots, Girard found in his over 300 textile designs the best way to express this rich interior world. In his saturated interiors, colour and wisdom combine with the artisanal and the industrial.

Design for matchboxes


Love Heart and Daisy face panels design

A leading representative of the later globalisation of design, this exhibition, created by the London design studio Raw Edges, reveals to the visitor the great work of this colourful artist. With many documents, items, objects and drawings that have not previously been exhibited, this exhibition is the largest retrospective staged so far.


Wooden dolls

Wooden dolls catalogue

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