It has barely been four years since the studio Vera&Kyte opened its doors to venture into the world of more personal interior décor after having worked for other producers. Vera Kleppe and Ashild Kyte, its visible figureheads, delved into this creative adventure, hoping to look for and discover new impressions. Curiosity is word that this creative pairing champions, and it keeps them on the move constantly in search of new projects where they can experiment with different materials and aesthetics.
Both formed part of the Structure group, which presented a little sneak preview of where Norwegian design in heading, at the 2016 Milan Fair. Their project “Three cities: Deconstructed” is a decorative concept where ceramic tiles can be used as a décor item or as an integral part of a surface in order to serve food. Each collection consists of five pieces or parts of decorative and functional ceramics with colours and outlines inspired by the urban topography of Rome, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

We put a special emphasis on the importance of the colour chosen for each of our projects. Each shade can change the character of each of the objects and it is a very important aspect for the first impression that each person has of an object

For Vera & Kyle, the new impulses, the freshest impressions and inspiration that arises outside of the design world is very important when it comes to carrying out work. “Our creative strength stems from very distinctive sources such as cinema, art, architecture, materials, industry…”, they say. losprodan explorar materiales y ga en constante movimiento en busca de nuevos proyectos en los que puedan explorar materiales y

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