A priori, it would be strange to talk about wood textiles when referring to the manual work of German designer Elisa Strozyk.Especially since the concept of textiles implies a raw material

more malleable, manageable and easier to treat than wood. But all this apparent complexity disappears when you discover the pieces of her “wooden textiles” collection.

I’m very interested in combining hard and soft concepts using materials with these characteristics, to discover how they interact and create new 3D surfaces. I love to play with these materials to discover new concepts.”

Her throws, plaids, curtains and rugs made using this combination of materials produce surprise, because they create a
new tactile experience. Even though we are accustomed to walking on floors or touching tables with this same finish, the lack of previous examples of this new material turns this feeling into a new perspective on the world of components. “The strangest thing is watching other people’s reactions, because
many of them think it’s leather or treated hide,” says Elisa.

The process for achieving this new formula begins with treating the wood, which must be sanitised and coloured. Then, a laser cuts it into hundreds of small triangles, which Elisa then glues individually onto silk, cotton, or linen, depending on the project.In this way, the “fabric” has a malleability and structure that has
a completely new flexibility, versatility and mobility.

Photos by Studio Been.



Ashdown rug in linen, oak, maple and beech




Detail from Colored Wooden Rug


Colored Wooden rug


Mortimer rugen in lines and teak


Grey-Black-Birch model


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