Though the people behind Matter Design Studio prefer to emphasise their role as designers, their training as architects is evident in all of their work. The Ply shelf is seemingly a simple piece, but it conceals a complex formula that transforms the simple idea of attaching a shelf to a wall.



Having become one of the most important contemporary Brazilian furniture designers, Rodrigo Almeida often returns to his mestizo roots to bring back the essence of his culture and give expression to it in his work. These basket containers combine two very simple materials used for working in the fields and their design is based on traditional farming tools.




This piece named Nubo, with a distinctive aesthetic character that brings to mind Japanese iconography, is probably the most outstanding piece of furniture by designer Rasmus Warberg. It brings together much of the visual knowledge he learned from Japan and its traditions. Nobu is made of aluminium and wood. The curved form of its support enables gentle rocking.




The queen of British porcelain, Reiko Kaneko, reveals her mastery of the art of ceramics once again and turns the simplest of pieces into perfect works of art. With simple lines and exceptional quality, this piece in the Rin collection exemplifies beauty of the best of her ceramics, her fine bone china.


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