With a robust appearance, made up of a concrete base and metal handle, the Barrel lamp, by Belgian Ministry of Mass designer David Braeckman, has been designed to become the focal point of a room. Its function as a light is complemented by forceful, industrial and vivid aesthetics.



Carpenter and designer Florian Saul has always favoured minimalist and functional design, along with the use of sustainable materials. His Span coat rack is the minimal expression of a useful and simple object that perfectly fulfils its original purpose. His training in carpentry has been the perfect complement to Florian’s work as a designer, finding his best inspiration in many of nature’s objects.



With a special emphasis on using natural materials, the team formed by Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings at Fordstandard want to make traditional production methods their corporate hallmark. Functionality and simplicity, a geometric base and pure details are characteristics that define their good work.

Photo: Brian Ferry.



Achieving a striking and yet delicate design is a sign of success. Particularly for designers like Glen Baghurst who like to combine simple concepts with an original result. In this tile, he has managed to form concentric rectangles without making them too optical. This creates a subtle and balanced atmosphere that is nonetheless full of possibilities. Perfect for a kitchen.

Photo: Saerún Norén.

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