Nell Beale, the designer behind furniture brand Coucoumanou, uses this platform to share her best ideas and create truly special pieces of furniture. She demands the very highest quality in construction of her pieces and makes sure that each one is finished by hand. In this case, the use of striking colours brings energy to a sturdy piece.



Created in wood and blown glass, the Matisse collection of vases form a key part of the artistic creation of designer Pia Wüstenberg. She is passionate about hand-crafted objects such as these vases, for which she used traditional methods to bring about the desired look. In order to develop her work, Wüstenberg created Utopia & Utility, a company that manages the process of production and sales of her entire range.



Estonian designers Joonas Torim and Marko Ala joined forces to create Oot-oot, a hand-crafted furniture company. The structure of this piece, their Module sofa, is made of solid wood and birch plywood. Their furniture, robust and with a strong presence, faithfully reflects their convictions. What makes this particular piece stand out is the way in which it can be adaptedn in multiple different ways.



The brand Tiipoi is the brain child of Spandana Gopal, of Indian origin, who created this project in order to develop and produce items based on the implements used in an Indian kitchen. Each of the pieces, all created using the very highest-quality materials, are made to be used in cooking Indian cuisine. Both their design and their function are connected to traditional methods used in Indian houses.

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