Behind the name Cobe Table lies a robust wooden structure, its top made up of 14 wooden cubes so that you can give it a different form each time you use it. With this party game your guests will be entertained making new compositions and variations.

By Ariel Zuckerman.



Half plant pot and half decorative ceramic piece, this model uses bold architectural forms in a smaller dimension. Their designer, Andrew Molleur, is a potter who uses methods both old and new to achieve fine ceramic pieces.



The Bakari two-seater is inspired by a legend of the Amazonian tribe of the same name, which tells the story of the origin of its first peoples, who were created by the goddesses Keri and Kame. With its historic feel, this two-seater sofa is the perfect place to relax and an example of how the world would be under the reign of these deities.



A simple construction and with a surrealist name, El Ayudante (The Helper) is a piece by Mexican designer Ana Jiménez Palomar with two functions. First, as an improvised chair, and second, to use as a work tool that incorporates a cable extension. Its materials, basic and cheap, make this little chair a fun object to use in improvised tasks at home.

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