Cucs is a young Spanish company that begins its journey taking small steps in the world of decoration. Founder Blanca Drake explores all the possibilities that the textile material offers. She creates bags made of cloth where optical geometry plays a key role, small visually pleasing tea towels and cushions reminiscent in some way of Eames prints. An initiative in which Blanca also ventures with some women accessories where wood is the key material.



Elegant, minimalist and functional are words that perfectly describe glassware collection Esprit by Dutch designer couple Daphna Laurens. With extremely clean lines, this set of table pitcher and glasses offers simple solutions to bring pure and elegant design into our everyday life. This collection is offered in two versions, blue cobalt and see-through.



Stephen Kenn was a pioneered in his native America when he created his own brand and launched the production of armchairs and large size sofas which fabrics and upholstery were made of the canvas used by the US Army to make tents. After establishing his brand in North America, this young Canadian biker and designer has developed a new business strand in the Australian market where he is standing strong with a charismatic and robust brand.



New York studio Visibility has conceived a seat for use in urban pools of big cities. Created in metal and vinyl straps this seat is now perfect both for indoors and outdoors use. Based and built according to the classical principle of distinctive slatted 50s and 60s chairs, Poolside is a tribute to these classical principles now mixed with current principles of geometry, sensitivity and ergonomics.

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