She’s barely had time to enjoy the warm reception of her first jewellery collection, “Origen”, when it came out in 2015, but Patricia Walker is already thinking up new ideas for her brand. Her pieces, incredibly delicate in appearance, have simple shapes and forms, often geometric, and all with a silicon finish, a material which she feels comfortable working with and in which she has found the perfect language to communicate her work.

Her curious bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants have come to life as a result of Patricia’s decision to study Industrial Model Making and Design at “Escuela de Arte 10” in Madrid in 2015. Her previous professional life was in wardrobe and set design for major productions for directors such as Almódovar and Ridley Scott and with costume designers such as Paco Delgado and Hanty Yates. But she made a clean break, and Walker Chao Jewellery was born.

“All that time in the world of cinema helped to nurture me, and I absorbed plenty of knowledge which I now translate into my work. I’ve been attracted to the visual arts as long as I can remember. It’s an activity I enjoy. Now I can reconcile cinema with my passion, jewellery,” she says.

Péndulo pendant

Cumbres and Alianza bracelets


What most concerned Patricia when she embarked on her new mission was how to offer a new and original product. After thorough research, silicon became her new favourite material. “What obsesses me the most when it comes to my creative process is creating something different. I’ve always loved what surprises me, and perhaps that’s why I love to surprise too. When I see the surprise the items in this collection generate in people, that’s when I know I’m on the right track. As for the design, I really value things that are simple, easy, which work alone, naturally, even if sometimes I find that hard to achieve. Perhaps that’s why my work is so minimalist,” she says. For now, the designer says that her pieces are not always inspired by the same things, which is a good thing as it allows her work to continue to evolve.

Collares Cruces y Ram

Cruces and Ramas necklaces

Pulsera Alianza

Alianza bracelet.


So why silicon? She fills us in: “After much consideration, I wanted to give plastics and unconventional materials the importance which at first glance they may not have. Silicon is a flexible material, smooth to the touch, hypoallergenic, and it meets the brief of being different,” she says. And is it really low-cost jewellery? “If you mean exclusive designs at an affordable price, then yes it is,” she says confidently.

Another of the factors that differentiates the products in the Origen range are their colour, or rather, their lack of colour. Black is the dominant colour of all the products, to create a unique aesthetic sense, as the use of colour could distort the message. Patricia believes that this method of design is more impactful. However, it’s entirely possible that her next collection will incorporate some colour.

Anillo modelo Diamante

Diamante model ring

Pendientes Rama y anillo Laberinto

Rama ears and Laberiento ring

Detalle de pendientes y de collar

Ears and necklaces detail

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