The tireless Dutch creator Dirk Vander Kooij proposes objects of aesthetic impact and constructive forcefulness based on recycled materials. With them he creates a plastic image that translates to objects created for the home, but due to their characteristics and materials can function equally well outside. In both cases, they’ll never go unnoticed. Pictured, the simple Meltingpot table.

Sebastian-Cox-Hewn Stool


Even though it was created with the intention of serving as a seat, the Hewn stool also functions as a makeshift table. Created with oak and hazel wood from controlled forests, its rustic appearance gives a primal and wild feel. Made completely by hand and with curious detailing, the legs have been crafted with an axe blade for an almost unfinished feel.


Cut from a piece of travertine marble, lime-filled and porous, this forceful table is made up of three intersecting polygonal pieces that fit together for a stable whole. Thanks to its own weight, it requires no kind of glue or fitting, and its shape is reminiscent of marble pieces of antiquity. Created by US studio Ford Standard, it is named Planar.



Manuel Amaral Netto has created the Basso minibar that also functions as a side table. Its turned lacquered aluminium finish, made entirely by hand, and the cork of the upper surface brings together two materials that are not often seen together, yet work perfectly here.

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