Made from unglazed porcelain stoneware, beech wood, rubber and polypropylene rope, this fun design, made entirely by hand in Montreal, this product is by designers Marie-Pier and Maud from the studio mpgmb, achieves a mixture of great design with plenty of humour. Sold in limited edition.

Foto: Daphné Caron

Muller van severen


Midway between art and product design, Belgian design duo Muller van Severen have created this double seat, a clear reference to deckchairs of the 1940s of the beaches of the French Riviera, offering a simple product in which the refined structure and flat fabric form a perfect concept.

Foto: Fien Muller

Alfombra My friend Paco


In a further step along her path as a producer and creator of her own products, Portuguese designer Maria Figueiredo has delved into the world of rugs with various designs that can be combined together. Spot colours and abstract shapes make for a quality product.

Asiento doble


In 2016 Norwegian designer Martin Solen took part in a design contest to be presented at the Milan Fair, for which he created two products based off the same concept: a chair and a textile to go with it. The textile digitally recreates granite, a material formed of various minerals, and present in traditional pieces. The seat is a modern update of the benches and chairs of the mountain cabins.


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