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Bringing together creativity, sustainability and art, the North American creative Rachel Ehlin-Smith hand-produces and weaves textile materials inspired by the most basic elements of nature. In her pieces you can find seeds and natural ingredients intertwined to form small pieces of art.

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Like mushrooms in the countryside, which usually appear grouped together in humid areas of the woods, the Mushi lamp recreates this natural reference point to be placed in any corner of the house, either alone or in groups. The warm and discreet light is the perfect accessory to illuminate without distractions.



Renowned for their delicate finishes, this British designer’s jewellery pieces dive into the shapes of nature to transfer to solid elements such as silver the lightness of branches, petals and feathers.

Photo: Joel Degen


Midway between the functional and the purely aesthetic, the Dutch designer creates totally timeless pieces in which that which is seen is not always a reflection of the reality. Such is the case with his Foamed shelving, with a rigid appearance that conceals a fully vulnerable structure that deforms when you touch it.

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