For Australian studio CZYK, with its headquarters in Copenhagen and designer Nikolai Kotlarczyk at the helm, the material used for each project determines the type of designs it can produce.  Its philosophy is based around refining the design process, eschewing artificiality and flashy, attention grabbing details. In each of his pieces, Kotlarczyk uses long-lasting, everyday elements with a touch of personality and materials (such as cork in this case) that allow him to create objects that are cohesive and compact.

His Porto collection of lights, which have been manufactured by Knastenlos (local artisans), are made of cork and finished with colours reminiscent of the natural pigments extracted from rocks and insects once used by the ancient Roman and Greek civilisations.

The name of this collection pays homage to the history of Portugal, which along with Spain became one of the largest producers of cork along the Mediterranean. It also references Portugal’s great winemaking tradition, in which cork was a fundamental part of the artisanal bottling process.

The Porto lights are made using traditional dyeing and finishing techniques, with each piece being carefully produced by local craftspeople. The quality of the product can also be seen in the inner finish, with the LED fitting in either a white or a wine colour.

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