A maverick by nature who loves to try any kind of creative endeavours using her hands. These are her tools, and she uses them like an awl engraving a piece of marble.

Melissa Deckert is no novice,having spent much time experimenting in creation, a field in which she might suddenly get involved in work as a weaver or fearlessly decide to set up a photography lab in her bedroom.

Her aim is to experiment with all kinds of techniques and materials in order to express her personal concerns.
Like any good restless artist, she finds inspiration more in the limitations of a task than in the ease in doing it.

Though she’s not yet a master in her discipline, it won’t be long before she’s able to express in her work a personal language that identifies her without words. “I love to get my hands dirty and
explore new ways of working, because I think we’re also in a period where we can swap disciplines.

To have them interact,” says the Brooklyn-based graphic designer and printer.She also aspires to create handmade objects and products, a future she invests in with part of the money made working for, amongst others, the online platform Etsy.

Thanks to this she has an ample portfolio of work, which at the moment highlights her illustration projects. The future does not worry her for now, but she still dreams of the day in which she becomes the graphic director for the windows of Bergdorf Goodman in New York.


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