Optical illusion, geometrical, sharp, psychedelic, vibrant, vector and brave are some of the terms used by the graphic designed Matt W. Moore to describe his work.

His greatest personal satisfaction is being able to state that “variety and its possibilities lead to personal growth”. This is the mantra Matt adheres to in his role as a leading figure in the graphic art world. This is especially the case as, in addition to becoming a true icon, Matt is somebody who has had a go at a lot of different disciplines, such as graphic design, illustration, video work, etc.

This means that one week he can be designing logos and corporate images for a company and then spend the following week painting a mega mural, designing textiles or working with sculptures in his studio ahead of a new exhibition. “I am very grateful to be able to have all of this variety”, he notes.

Although his works are vibrant in terms of colours, it is the black and white used for his own decoration firm Core deco (www.core-deco.com) where the excellent quality of his work really comes to the fore. He uses this aesthetic to design everything from ceramic floor tiles to Jacquard Afghans tiles or pieces of furniture.



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