There’s a careful marketing strategy behind knowing how to successfully push forward a young graphic design company focused on stationary products. It’s not easy to sell these kinds objects if they don’t promote a message consistent with what you want to convey. It doesn’t always work. That’s why Marcel Baer launched Octaevo in 2013. He wanted to create a consistent product that, in addition to being practical, would have that something extra in its design to make it special.

Son of a Swiss father and a Spanish mother, Marcel has worked in a number of different fields in the world of graphic design. Gucci, Harry Winston and Stella McCartney have all been instrumental to his professional development, as he spent a number of years at these companies implementing the knowledge he’d gained after studying graphic design in London. Octaevo was born out of Marcel’s need to discover new forms of language to define his creativity and curiosity. His notebooks, files, bookmarks and diaries are highly attractive, inviting you to use their pages to develop thoughts and feelings in full colour.

In his initial collection, Marcel created designs for Octaevo with the intention of conveying the essence of the Mediterranean, with its colours and its brilliant hues. And in a further step to sate his creative curiosity, he has experimented with unconventional products such as paper vases; objects that don’t traditionally pair well with liquids… but as he says, “Let your imagination bloom.”

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