The tables, stools and shelves of Québec designer Loic Bard are entirely handmade, versatile, and practical and, moreover, full of emotion, a feeling that he realised he was imprinting in his furniture when he discovered he was in love. But these features can soon become obsolete in a world where innovation is a must to excel above others by offering unique, original products.


And cabinetmaker Loic Bard has achieved just that with some of his pieces, like the Tokyo table, where he has built a discrete compartment on the side that forms part of the internal structure of the cabinet. This kind of lateral opening becomes a perfect space to keep magazines, books or newspapers.


During the last edition of the 100% Design fair in London in September 2014, Loic presented his latest projects, including this table of oriental roots. It was the first time that Loic exhibited abroad and at large scale and the experience has given exposure to his name. He claims that the inspiration for his projects mainly comes from his travels, architecture, the people that he meets and, ultimately from his childhood memories.


It was actually during a trip to Japan a couple of years ago when he outlined the shape and structure of his table Tokyo, a minimalist piece that holds the essence of Japanese culture. “This table was born at a particularly sensitive time when my feelings were raw. I somehow intended that the sensitivity would become part of what I was creating and thereby I managed to create a sensual piece “, says the artist.


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