GOODS / Interior Products from Skerch to Use

The story of a piece of furniture does not end the moment it is finished and launched to the public. At that moment, a new journey begins that only finishes when the item finds its final home in an interior. It is there that each piece really starts to perform its function. In this book, 59 iconic objects created by important international designers are analysed to understand their true impact on the world of design.

Frame, 59 €.


The personal work of British artist Mark Hearld, whose art is inspired by the flora and fauna of the English countryside, has helped him find his place in the world of design. His drawings, which employ a playful collage technique, are in a very defined style, with a strong focus on colour. This book brings together some of his best work and analyses his influences and references in sketches, collages and textile pieces.

Merrell, 45 €

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