We can all probably remember having an acquaintance when we were kids who had the odd ability to make forms and geometric shapes out of a sheet of paper. Many of them easily managed to create something that represented a real test of skill for some others. Soon we discovered that it was the Japanese who were the real experts in this art; an art with a very interesting name: origami.

I don’t know whether French artist and designer Maud Vantours caused mischief as a child to her playmates by using the same ability, but what it’s obvious is that she has made something apparently as simple as folding paper a fine art.  Her works of paper, which often resemble makeshift garden figures, seem to move when you look at them, and it’s this optical illusion feature what has earned her international recognition.

Maud and her art have been approached by many of the biggest brands in the beauty market, like YSL and Guerlain, but she has remained unimpressed by this, because what she’s really after is to create beautiful, original and spectacular things. At the age of 30, she is an international reference in the art of paper folding and a great dame of both 3D and sculpture.

• “I graduated from Duperre school and I then specialised in textiles and the research of new materials”

• “Every craftsman or artist has their own vision of their work, their universe and working world, which is why each commission is different”

• “I get all kinds of influences, from the Bauhaus school to African textiles and colors. I try to vary my work as much as possible”

• “If my aesthetic evolves, it is because I care about bringing something new, I carry out a lot test and trials with colours and materials to find new directions or points of view”

• “When I accept a new job, I try to create a story with what the client is telling me, I imagine situations looking for inspiration, etc. For me it is an experience that makes me nervous and keeps me alive “

• “I love being free and working without relying on anyone: Being independent is very important to me”


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