It has scarcely been a year since the designer Viktorija Agne, of Lithuanian origin, graduated after finishing her MA Fashion Artefact course at the London College of Fashion, and she has barely had time to catch her breath. Her spectacular collection, Toransufoma, presented as her final graduation project, caused such a stir among those in the know that time seemed to overtake her thinking.

Her project, inspired by the film Transformers, robotics and the shapes of the car industry offers a completely different perspective of this sector, having broken away from the framework of traditionally jewellery. “I have wanted to make jewellery ever since I was little and I always thought that a change was needed in the sector. After training in Denmark, my next destination was the London College of Fashion, and specifically, a course focused on this speciality”, she notes.

Her pieces with vibrant colours and spectacular silhouettes, which in some cases recall the robotic objects that will be worn in the future, are based on transformation. These are items (bracelets, necklaces, headgear, visors…) that evolve and are adaptable to each wearer. “I am currently very focused on positioning my brand and products. I have three people collaborating with me on this project and production is ongoing with new ideas”, states Viktorija.

Helmet in red image

Helmet in bue and visor in green


Striking and with completely futuristic lines, the shape of the pieces in this collection is the most important element of the design, along with the combination of techniques such as 3D and manual production methods. The designer pays special attention to the finer details and to experimenting with lines, because ultimately they are what really define each piece. She is a staunch believer in the functionality of her accessories, as well as the beauty of the details. “I love to experiment and combine all kinds of techniques because the result can vary enormously”, she says.

Mekhane necklace model

Mekhane necklace model

Model with necklace Mekhane collection,

Model with necklace Mekhane collection,

Blue bracelet

Blue bracelet


Different kinds of metals, plastics, resins, 3D printing, leather…. the range of possibilities for creating new and unique pieces means that Viktorija never needs to shy away from experimenting. The important thing for her is that the end user enjoys wearing one of her pieces just as much as she does. “Every piece is adapted to each client and that is possible because a small change in each one incorporate a unique movement that makes it possible to vary its appearance”, states the designer.

She is about to bring out a new range, also with transformable pieces, involving more standard materials such as semi-precious stones and even gold, diamonds and pearls. She has not ruled out creating installation pieces about jewellery, something that she also finds very thought-provoking.

Bag for Samsung prototype

Two positions visor

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