What began four years ago as an artistic project focused on small-scale furniture project as part of a Masters from the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) has subsequently become a new brand of jewellery and fashion. This coincidental collaboration between two friends, Jorge López and Ana Tomich, has been a breath of fresh air for the sector. The particular creative language of the project is based on geometrical shapes and manifests itself in an infinite design system. The pieces promote both artisanal production and technological processes.

Jorge explains, “Everything happened so quickly. Our product was exhibited as a final project at a fair at the institute and at Arco, where a designer from Cibeles asked us for some pieces for a presentation. From there, we made many new contacts, and a short time after that, we presented our brand at the Inhorgenta fair in Munich, which is the most important one in our field. But without really knowing why, and despite having a showroom in various cities across the world, more than 60 pieces in the collection and having worked with many people (including ceramic brand Vista Alegre), Lotocoho just couldn’t gain a foothold in Spain. It is only outside the country that we’re truly well known. Now, more than four years later and with a more defined infrastructure, Lotocoho is starting out on a new journey.”

Expositor gargantilla

Exhibitor Choker

Expositor de gargantillas

Exhibitor chokers

Expositor anillos

Exhibitor rings

Anillos dobles

Double rings


Architect by trade, designer by necessity and photography by chance, Jorge is heading into this new adventure as the face of Lotocoho at the same time as the brand presents its new collection, “Myths and Symbols”.

He tells us, “up till now, our products have been abstract and related to geometry and landscapes. They were unique and not everyone could understand them. Now, we will continue with the design that we are known for, but we also want to investigate figurative work.


Joya única

Unique jewel

Joya única 1

Unique jewel 1

Joya única 2

Unique jewel 2

Joya única 3

Unique jewel 3


The team at Lotocoho know that their polyhedral shapes are one step ahead of the market. They have seen this very clearly over the last four years. The same thing happens with the combinations they propose in rings, pendants, bracelets and special pieces. Apart from gold, silver, copper, tin and mixtures of silver, gold and diamond, the use of stones such as quartz, chalcedony and wood helps create unique shapes and designs that transform each one into a sculptural piece.

“We work within a traditional architectural system: drawings, 3D and manufacture. There are many pieces that have to be finished by hand and that would be impossible to make with a machine”, Jorge comments.

So what does the future hold? Well, from the creation of traditional high-end jewellery, to marketing collections of bags, scarves, crockery


Grupo piezas doradas y plata

Group of gold and silver pieces

Muestra perlas

Sample of pearl

Gold ring

Silver earring

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