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Federico Peri collection pieces

On the verge of turning 33, young Italian designer Federico Peri, born in Montebelluna, Treviso, has achieved in just ten years a signature style so impactful that his furniture creatures have catapulted him to one of the great names of interior design, almost without trying.

His aesthetic creations naturally combine formal recollections of past eras with new structures and modern materials. His furniture has first class finishings, using the work of artisans from various disciplines, and a formal opulence that is heightened by the use of top range materials.

Having won a scholarship to an artists residence in Paris, after graduating from the IED Milan School of Interior Design, Peri is now translating all his past experience into his original designs, in which the past and present are seamlessly blended.

Also instrumental in his huge media impact in the past year has been the support of Nina Yashar, owner and founder of the Milanese gallery Nilufar, who touted him as an emerging talent in the most recent Salone del Mobile in Milan, and with whom he has signed an agreement to sell his products over the next few years.

Tumbona Living in a chair

Living in a chair unit

1. ¿What makes your work different to any others designers?
Every designer has the own story, mine is based on my past experience and I believe that my products reflect this. I’ve been in touch with fashion, art, raw materials and this combination is the result of my furniture projects.

2. ¿What inspired the ideas from your products?
Basically, I like to consider two elements: First of all, in my childhood, I used to spent lot of time to my grandparents place that was close to their factory of industrial shelving. That’s probably the beginning, spending time looking at the machinery and raw metals.

After this, I admire the great masters of design, their products and stories. Last elements are meditation and music.

3. ¿What are the best from your work methoth?
That’s a never ending story. Every project is a new adventure and this fact gives to me good energy and at the same time invites me to look around for new inspirations.

Detalles de Living in a chair

Living in a chair details

Living in a chair unit

4. ¿How would you define your aesthetic production?
Essential, detailed and timeless. Above all, I love working with authentic materials like metal, wood, stone, leather, looking for a balance between historical and contemporary

5. ¿How do you think the industry furniture will look in ten years?
About industry ,technology together with ecology will be the main themes for sure. Renewable materials are going to be the future, we can also understand this looking to the trend of many new designers focused for example on how to use the production waste; There’s a lot of interesting experimentations. Another aspect is about different cultures: Globalization, internet, social networks are constantly growing and make easy to get in touch with someone located in the opposite part of the world. I’m fascinated about discovering new culture, learning local customs & traditions and get inspired from them.

Shapes Lamp

6. ¿What type of proyects have you not yet worked, but would like to?
There’s lot of projects that I would like to work on, talking about both interior / installation and furniture. In this period I’m quite fascinated about museum/exhibition installation and probably that’s the project I would like to do soon.

Shapes and rectangle Sphere lamps

7. ¿What is your dream project?
My dream project is travel around the world and have something like 12 stops in different countries; Get in touch with local artisans and learn about their manufacturer skills in order to design and produce one piece per stop. Every project should combine aesthetic with traditions.

This will be a long terms project for sure but it’s really interesting me.

Photos: Federico Peri


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