The craft and the makers

Work done by hand using traditional methods are usually associated to quality and passion as well as a certain way of thinking.This trend is currently experiencing one of its best moments due to the continuous and relentless increase in this type of products. The relationship that these artists and creators establish with their pieces is much closer, given its short production, and their development and production is carried out with a lot more care and attention. As some of them say, they are like little children who need to be guarded with special care. This trend has recently grown with more people who do not identify themselves with a logo or a particular brand, or simply prefer to detach themselves from the big producers in the market, not willing to be influence by fashion guidelines in their purchase.Furniture, porcelain, leather, textiles appear in this volume with its creators, in an analysis that reveals the concerns of some of these artisans and become a kind of testimony where heart, shapes and passion come together to create unique objects.

The craft and the makers. 247 pages, 44 €. Gestalten

How they work

German designers are currently the creators with greater media coverage and development. What is the secret of their success? What gives them that edge? In ‘How They Work’ photographer Inga Powilleit and stylist Tatjana Quax examine the working method of 17 names that currently prevail in the world of German design as well as their origins and what has made them become true stars in the field of aesthetics. In this book the working methods, the ruthlessness towards others and determination as a means to an end, are all questioned. In ‘How They Work’ we find out what Marcel Wanders, Petra Blaisse, Piet Hein Eek and Hella Jongerius think and what is the key to get them where they are now.

How they work, 224 pages, 25 €. Oio Publishers

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