We’re seeing more and more promising young designers who, in their quest to turn their prototypes into reality, make the pilgrimage to the most important competitions and fairs in the world. The Liquenlav studio, founded by Valentín Sanz, was one of the lucky ones chosen to present its most representative pieces at Greenhouse, the showcase for young talent that forms part of the International Stockholm Furniture Fair, held at the beginning of February.

An event in which their bench “Mas” was one of the pieces that attracted the most attention. “Mas is a multi-use piece created to save space in homes. It is made entirely of solid wood and its design allows it to be stacked, transforming its function. It’s a piece that gains more through touch, and that you’ll find to be
much more practical than it first appears,” says Valentín.

“The problem that us young creators have in this country is a lack of support. In the end, you have to take over production of your own designs, because if not, they’ll never see the light. Self-production has become the handicap for new small businesses in Spain,” stated the designer.

The bench “Mas” is a simple design, but extremely practical, one of the core principles with which Valentín always
approaches a new project, “Although the Nordic aesthetic influence is palpable in its design, “Mas” had to function as a seat and provide an extra use for the home, otherwise I wouldn’t have created it,” says Valentín.



Mas seat


Superposed stone bench Mas


Two parts from Mas seat


The designer seat at piece


Back view from two parts superposed stone bench


Side view


Two parts from Mas seat

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