It is curious to find that there is a design studio, focusing on creating and manufacturing furniture, jewellery and tableware, behind the name Bakery. But this isn’t so far-fetched if you consider that bakeries’ ovens are a place where fresh things are created, albeit with very different ingredients.

Founded in 2009, Bakery Studio belongs to the designers Ran Amitai and Gilli Kuchik. Classmates at the Department of Industrial Design of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, they have been a couple since then.
The work at their studio focuses on the process of creation based on practical experimentation and enjoying materials and technologies. With this approach they try to find new ways of interpreting the traditional production methods and types.

Our work, like many designers, looks to the movements of the last century, the values of modernism, the evolution and reality of materials, and a vision of the future.

From Tel Aviv, where they work, they export to the world new ideas and reinterpretations of furniture and objects that are sometimes reminiscent of Jewish culture, such as their Sabbatj Plate and Matza Plate pieces.

“From the one hand, we are very meticulous in our decisions, lines and shapes but from the other, we like to keep high a volume of innovation ir our work”, they said.

Though both Gilli Kuchilk and Ran Amitai accept commissions from renowned manufacturers, like their Aminach bed or the Nom collection of chairs for Cappellini, it is in their personal experiments like their stool and chair in the Nature of Material collection in which they feel most free.

As for their future, “right now we’re preparing a couple of ceramics projects and one on furniture”, they say.

Taburete Woodini y detalle

Woodini stoll and detail

Mesa Hafucha y detalle

Woodini stoll and detail

Asientos Composition

Woodini stoll and detail

Jarrón y candelabros de terrazo

Vase and terrazzo candle holders

Butacas Industrial Upholstery

Industrial Upholstery seats

Platos Matza y Shabat

Matza y Shabat plates



Platillas y relleno de tejido


Proyectos de sillas

Seats proyects

Montaje y taller

Process and workshop

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