It is not at all outlandish to discover that someone like Federico Antelo, who studied Fine Arts and Design degrees, has ended up working as a textile printmaker.
However, his professional engagement with this disciple arose in our country, where he worked in the fashion sector for more than 10 years. This discipline provided him with a new vision of the textile printing world, and a profound knowledge of a craft process which is the hallmark of a large part of textile production in countries such as India and Bangladesh.

It has scarcely been six months since Federico started up his own studio and brands (Federico Antelo Para Portar) and his striking and colourful geometric creations have started to appear in décor publications and sector magazines. “My entire evolution has to do with my training, and my native country, Argentina, where there is a great artistic tradition of working with geometry and minimalism. I began working on the fabric of a fame, on wood, paper and, finally, on textiles. With silkscreen printing I can do unique things that are really special and use a technique that enables me to experiment as I work on the designs”, states the artist.
His most striking works are his projects on canvas, working on a table that he sticks the textile to using a special glue that allows him to experiment with dyes and colours without the original drawing being deformed. “I create an initial outline that I then colour in and repeat on the fabrics, I make changes to it as I make the print and I create constantly. That is why each of my pieces is special”, remarks Federico.

His workshop and his production is not only limited to creating fabrics for covering the walls of homes, he also uses this graphic art for cushions and everyday objects such as wallets and backpacks, and each of these pieces has its own textile language. Fortunately, Federico has managed to turn his work into an intrinsic need to create, and make his pieces an extension of his vast visual culture; he has an insatiable hunger. “I create my own designs and I receive commissions that relate to that graphic art. What you will never see me doing is a palm tree print because that is not what I am about at all”, he states.

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