She uses different processes and creative techniques, and her work, in both large and smaller scale formats, is curious due to a constant presence: an attraction to abstract compositions. If you look closely at her graphic pieces you can observe a sense of development throughout all her work, and a certain continuity with each new project. Above all, Sigrid is a researcher and visual artist who loves experimenting and, although she received a classic education (she studied at the School of Fine Arts in Tilburg) she has no absolutely no issue about trying out new working formulas that can be applied to her work, where geometric language stands out and is applied in different mediums.

Intuition also forms an important part of her work, as research into formats, graphic and colour sequences are defined following a long testing process. This prior work, in which development can be seen, is also what defines the final result.

Experimentation is perhaps more important than the result itself. It is during this process that you can glimpse the possibilities of each project

Books, postcards, murals, watches, glasses…., but all with the same common theme, without surpassing the parameters that give meaning to her all of her work, that is how the artist formulates her most personal commissions and processes. “I invest all of my energy into every piece I create, I am concerned about obtaining a good result on each of these projects”, she says.

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