We believe that it is increasingly difficult to stand out in any discipline, and even more so, in the art world. Thus, we are not surprised by the aesthetic possibilities that the Greek illustrator Meni Chatzipanagiotou has discovered in her small illustrations painstakingly created on wood cuttings.

An expert and especially gifted for the delicate and beautiful work of details created by hand in black and white, these cuttings transport us to little scenes that could well be inspired by any work of Nordic theatre. Snowy landscapes, starry nights and even depictions of animals are the inspirations for these vignettes, which are finished in acrylic, gouache and black pen.

However, her work also goes down other paths, where she also avails of detail in order to show her good craftsmanship. She is well-known for her knack in creating a rural alphabet, where the set of wild and floral details create surprising compositions or a numbers graphic where the level of detail conceals many hours of work.

The inspiration that features in each of her compositions avails of a fantastic world filled with strange figures or opts for the influence of surrealism and its dark inhabitants, worlds in which the designer feels at home. She is someone that is really worth following.


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