Sleek furniture with simple designs, primarily practical and made from sustainable materials. This describes the work of German designer Florian Saul: a collection that shows a painstaking approach in which design is vital.

The young designer and carpenter’s furniture also follows the patterns of hand-crafted pieces, in which precision and detail stand out in the final result.
Nor is he averse to more modern production methods, replacing old implements with faster and more practical tools.
“When you see one of my pieces, you’re aware of its production process, of the fact that it has been made using the traditional craft of the carpenters of old. It’s something you feel as soon as you have the piece of furniture in front of you”, says Florian.
However, the idea of carpenter-made furniture immediately makes one think of pieces with traditional aesthetics, focusing more on functionality than form. Florian, who trained as a carpenter and studied design, has something extra in his work. He makes use of his knowledge in both fields to produce chairs, coat hooks, stools and other wooden objects of exquisite beauty and finish.

“It’s something I utilise and which I think can be seen in the final result. I’ve managed to stamp purist, elegant and functional aesthetics on my furniture, making up-to-date, contemporary pieces”

How does he see the future of his profession?
With enthusiasm and eagerness, because for a designer the most important thing is for his pieces to endure over time and pass from parents to children without deteriorating.
“I make each of my pieces so that people are captivated by their form and finish, which is why I think they are something to fall in love with and in which to value to work invested in them”, he adds.
Inspired by nature and by the things that happen from day to day, he is ambitious and wants to discover other aspects of design that he has not yet tried. “I love what I do, but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at décor and interior design. I’d like to design a hotel; it’s an activity in which various aspects of my profession that interest me converge”, the Berliner admits.

10. Florian Saul

Vita Table


Span coat rack

Coat rank manufacturing process

Frida seat and Rudi chair

Pe coat rack and  Yot table

Servus and Equus pieces

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