Experimentation with the aim of creating new products with a fresh take on design has lead numerous creators to tackle future projects in all kinds of materials, forms and finishes. The end result is therefore a mystery, following a demanding job that confirms the behaviours of these shapes and materials. However, achieving an optimal result often leads to surprising and innovative products.

Such is the case for US designer Evan Fay, who created the Lawless chair in collaboration with designer Ayako Aratani for the latest young design fair in Milan. During the project, both creators had to take into account the behaviour of the human body to create an ergonomic and efficient piece.

Its the transformation and craft techniques applied to these common materials that elevate their value and status within a design context”.

To develop this piece, the designers focused on experimenting with forms and with unusual materials in order to create a household object. Lawless is a piece that celebrates the irregularity of a chaotic system within a perfectly structured society. The aesthetic suggests a new form of expression that invites reflection. Evan also says that design is a life philosophy, leading to experimentation to create a relationship between people and the objects they own.

“Most of the material that I choose to work with are found within manufacturing industries. Its the transformation and craft techniques applied to these common materials that elevate their value and status within a design context. The use of these industrial materials (steel, brass, foam, fabric) lend themselves to the concepts and aesthetics of the designs”, he says.

It is in this process of creation when the development of ideas finds its true essence. “Ideally I produce pieces that I feel strongly about and hopefully they fine someone who also feels strongly about them. Although, doing custom projects with clients presents a new set of design challenges and parameters that can push your ideas to places that maybe otherwise you would have never been, and in that respect it can be  good ,” says Evan.

But this is not a problem for him, and he knows what his path must be in his discipline. “The only way for me to ensure the quality of execution is to completely control every aspect of production. In this way, less is produced but I feel better about it and its more appropriate for the design. For other designs, mass production makes more sense”, he says.

What’s next? “In the future I hope to continue thinking about expressive furniture that is focused in unconventional soft seating typologies and intuitive construction methods”, says the designer.

Structure steel tubes detail.

Textil detail.

Lawless structure and textil.

Fotos: Charlie Schuck


Evan Fay in the workshop.

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